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Quick Look at York Air Conditioners

The company "York" is a division of Lennox, and although the name’s not as familiar, it’s the same company. York Air just happens to be the "underdog" of this popular brand.

They are a company that makes and sells air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other HVAC systems. They make high-quality, energy-efficient, and dependable products that are available to buy in different packages to accommodate all levels of homeowners. So, if you’re looking for new York air conditioners reviews you’re definitely in the right place.

If you research York air conditioners you’ll quickly see that they are very popular in the Europe. They may not be as popular in the US just yet, but, they are gaining a lot of popularity since the Lennox brand is now under the York name.
They’ve been offering many different products for over 70 years.
This air conditioning company also made some of their products eco-friendly and more efficient. This has helped them grow substantially. Thanks to this high demand and huge growth, it’s probably a good time to read york air conditioners reviews before you decide to purchase a york air conditioner.

Cost Expectations & Comparisons

Before we get started, let's just be clear that every business, company, and manufacturer has a different pricing strategy. They may have different costs of production, overhead expenses, rules, rates, and different marketing strategies. In an effort to be fair, we're planning to compare apples to apples.

In this review, we're going to do a few comparisons. Our criteria for comparison are:

  • The most common size of ACs
  • The most popular brand
  • York kits vs other York kits
  • Competitive ACs vs York ACs

We will also be looking at the price of the York Air Conditioners.

Common Sizes

Typically, this AC is installed in a room that is 10'x15'. In the shopping cart we will provide the price of this size.

Prices will usually vary depending on two factors:

The brand. Some brands offer an all-in-one kit that includes the air conditioner, the piping, and the ductwork. Other brands do not. Some offer a bundle kit, and others price the kit at a discount.

Furnace units: some stores do not price in the price of the furnace. Some include it in the price, and some get a higher price by including the furnace all for one "low" price.

The Importance of A Quality HVAC Contractor

If you live in an older home, you’re probably familiar with the ac smells. Newer HVAC systems in new homes are made with much more energy-efficient materials and none of them produce the ac smells that come from older models. Since that’s the case, it’s time to make sure that the HVAC system in your older home is working at its best and is functioning at a high level.

One way to do this is to hire a quality HVAC contractor to inspect the system, assess any issues, and provide any necessary fixes. Depending on how your system is set up, this could include cleaning the drain line, installing a UV filter, emptying the air conditioning condenser, replacing air filter, checking furnace flame sensor, checking the blower motor, and creating a vacuum:cleaner:dryer for the evaporator coil. All of these checks, repairs, and replacements, are designed to keep your system running at peak performance.

When an HVAC contractor checks your system, they’re looking for issues like a dirty air filter, or actual problems such as a gas leak, leaking drain line, clogged filters, and dirty condenser coils. The thing is, many people often don’t recognize the signs that their ac has a problem.

York Model Numbers Explained

York makes quite a few different air conditioner models, with even more sizes and models available for commercial customers. With so many options on the market, it’s easy for you to get lost and confused. Choosing the wrong size unit or buying the wrong air conditioner can result in multiple problems.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the model numbers that York lists for their different air conditioner models. Here are the most common models on the market today, along with model numbers for each.

Energy Efficiency/SEER

One of the most important characteristics of a York air conditioner is its energy efficiency. The higher the energy efficiency, the less electricity it uses. Your family will be thankful when their electric bills shrink, and the environment will be thankful when you use less electricity.

The SEER measures your air conditioner’s energy efficiency according to national standards. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient your air conditioner is. When your air conditioner is more energy efficient, you have to use less electricity, and ultimately, you will save more money on your electricity bills.

Compressor Options

Air conditioning units are categorized into two types.

One is called a standard furnace, which is perfect for rooms in regular homes because the compressor is located in the attic. Standard furnaces do not require an electrical outlet; they are designed to draw power from your central heating unit.

The second type of air conditioner is the packaged system. These are perfect for rooms in houses with minimal space because the entire unit is centralized in the basement. Packaged systems need a dedicated electrical outlet, and they can’t be placed near stairs or other areas of the home that are susceptible to leaks.

The main difference between a standard furnace and a packaged system is that a furnace is a stand-alone system, and a packaged system is designed to accommodate your heat pump. For instance, the Honeywell L0824C1008 Lux 9000 2.5-Ton 14 SEER 0.0 HSPF DUCTED Cooling Capacity 24,000 BTU Air Conditioner is a packaged system but the L0824C1008 is a standard furnace.

In addition to these two types of air conditioners, the York Air Conditioners vary by the kind of compressors the system is equipped with.

York packaged air conditioners are available in the following compressor types:

Single Stage Compressors

These are very popular in homes and buildings today because they are more energy efficient, smaller and easier to install. Even if you do not use air conditioning on a daily basis, it is good to have it ready in case you need it for a special event or if your are looking for a space saver. A single stage ac unit is designed to cool relatively small areas without being noisy or creating a lot of humidity. They are ideal for a room up to 200 square feet, which is the average size of a single family home. Although there is some sound associated with a single stage ac unit, they are rarely as noisy as multi-stage units. Here are some of the more popular choices for single stage air conditioners:

Friedrich Efficiency R410A Mini Split Air Conditioner

This unit allows you to have total comfort in an easy to use system. It is like a mini split system, which can be used to provide cool air to one room or an entire building. This unit is housed in only one inch of outside wall, so it is very appealing for those who need to save space. This single stage unit is guaranteed to cool a room up to 1,000 square feet and works with standard window sizes. This unit weighs 50 pounds, making it easy to carry and install, and it includes a drain connection to make maintenance easy. The system is also low on noise, which makes it comfortable to run on a regular basis.

Two Stage

To save on a York 2 stage Air Conditioner consider a unit that has multiple compressors. These units are more costly than single stage units, but they tend to be easier to start. One of the most common problems with a York 2 stage Air Conditioner is where the compressor doesn't start due to a lack of demand.

Consider a 1.5 ton single stage unit if you only want to cool a small room or area. These York 2 stage Air Conditioners will come in handy if you expect to use your unit for a number of hours during the hot season. They can keep up with the demands of humidity control in a number of different enclosed spaces.

The most energy efficient York 2 stage Air Conditioner is usually a four-ton unit. If you are constantly demanding of what the unit can offer, then it is a very good option. These models also have the ability to cool a larger space.

The most affordable 2 stage unit tends to be the 1.5 ton unit. If you plan on using the unit for just a few hours a day, this may not be a bad option for you.

The one type of 2 stage Air Conditioning York to choose is one that is double the capacity. If you want to use it in large spaces like a school gym, this may not be the option for you. These are designed for smaller, enclosed environments like a bedroom.

Condenser Fan Options

York's heat pump models have up to five fan speeds. York has stopped labeling these speed settings by a number but rather with the terms, high, medium, and low. While the high setting is certainly the fastest of the three speeds, the medium setting still moves a lot of air while the low setting is likely as quiet as or quieter than most other brands have.

York is an environmentally conscious company and many of its units are Energy Star rated. It is also committed to providing energy-efficient units and has several models that have earned an Energy Star rating.

York has models that are designed to cool large spaces. In fact, the biggest York model, the YORK ACH06324, has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs and a cooling efficiency of up to 11.1 SEER. This model is ideal for cooling up to 2,500 sq. ft. and is best used for rooms that accommodate daycare or nursery facilities. You can also choose from several other units with air conditioner capacities that range from 5,000 to 10,000 BTUs.

There are several other options available on York units that you'd typically see on units made by most other brands. One of those options is a TXV, or thermoelectric valve. This function uses PWM technology. PWM is Pulse Width Modulation, which means the valve is constantly adjusting airflow level to maintain the desired room temperature.

Heating Options

With York air conditioners, you have a variety of options when it comes to heating. For instance, if you want to keep your home warm and comfortable, you want an air conditioner with a high efficiency rating and high SEER rating. If you want a system that heats as well as cools, you want a furnace and air conditioner in one, or heat pump.

York air conditioners utilize energy recovery which captures and recycles steam to reheat indoor heat loss. This makes each room one less unique, and all of your rooms will be at a similar temperature. This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the colder rooms.

York air conditioners can cool the hottest areas by adding an air conditioner with heat pump. It’s great for finished basement, and keeps the floors warm, which removes the need to wear socks.

Noise Levels

That's where the York air conditioner comes in because it has a special Deodorization Technology that eliminates foul odors and keeps off musty kind of smells. It also has anti-bacterial filters that not only trap germs and other irritants but also controls humidity level in the room. It's important to note that according to some customers, the Deodorization Technology is a little too strong so be sure about that before you buy.

Another issue is the noise level of the product. The QC12NEES has been described as "very loud" a few times and some customers were unhappy with how the unit operated. However, many units are likely to make noise due to the constant air flow. The noise can still be controlled by personal preference, but it's something to keep in mind. The air itself is likely to be thick and a little warm, which could mean more moisture and less condensation forming on windows create a bit of a small problem.

Warranty & Why It Is Important

How much warranty time is on the York portable air conditioners? If you walk into a store you see anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

Well you are paying for that warranty. Now you are saying "I am just going to buy a cheap air conditioner and just get a repair over the years".

These are the same type of people that go to cheaper mechanic shops because they are cheaper and pay for that too.

One of the biggest warranties on a York portable air conditioner is about 3 years on the parts. Why? When it comes to a portable air conditioner you are already buying a cheap machine.

When it comes to being cheap sometimes it is worth paying a little extra in the beginning. Here is why. Think about this.

Let's say you spend a little extra at the beginning of an air conditioner purchase.

You get a 5 year warranty instead of a 3 year warranty.

If you use it 3 years out of 5 years that's not bad.

Now let's say you get a cheaper one.

You use it for 3 years and it breaks you have to repair it and in the end you have spent twice as much as you would have if you had bought a 5 year warranty on the air conditioner.

The last thing you want to do is end up with a cheap air conditioner and end up spending double.

Tax Breaks Explained

Even if you have chosen to live in a house, condominium, or apartment, there are still many benefits that can be realized when investing in air conditioning. The following federal tax credits can be used by both homeowners and renters.

Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit Credit for Residential Energy Facing Taxpayers

This part of the federal tax law was brought about to encourage homeowners to upgrade and improve their homes. In promoting energy-efficient homes and reducing energy usage, the US government wants to educate and support its citizens in the war against rising utility costs.

Here is a rundown of the guidelines for the Energy Improvement law:

Some energy improvements may qualify for credit, depending on the improvement certification.

A taxpayer will need to choose any energy improvement that qualifies to get the credit.

The taxpayer will need to make these improvements to their primary residence.

The credit will only fit improvements that will be placed into service after the date of purchase or contract.

The improvements that are installed during the tax year are the ones that will produce income for the taxpayer.

Instead of paying for these improvements upfront, a taxpayer can choose to have them financed, but any interest that is applied must be deductible in the first year.

Pro’s & Cons of York AC Units

York air conditioners are generally reliable products, but they do have some limitations. Typical units use 13 SEER motor and two stage aluminum heat absorption.
They work well and don’t cost too much. However, they are a little bulky and won’t fit into tight spaces. Also, they don’t come with variable speed options. If you need one for an office space or small room, you should look for a different brand.

York air conditioners are large, so consider the space you have available and the window size. You can find this information on the manufactures website.

York air conditioners are good at keeping a large space cool with even air distribution. However, they don’t necessarily have the most features.

York air conditioners keep their costs low by using aluminum instead of copper, which lowers installation costs.

Installation costs are reduced because the units are lightweight. This feature is convenient for contractors who may not have a crane!

York air conditioners are shipped ready to install and most of the work is pre-assembled. Also, the units are shipped with easy to follow instructions.

York air conditioner parts are readily available. The motor and other components can be bought at a local distributor or by contacting the company.

York Vs. Lennox

York and Lennox air conditioning systems are two of the most popular brands in the industry. But which is best? Most consumers choose by price and warranty, but sometimes that’s not the best bet. These are two companies that not only produce units for residential use, but also for commercial buildings. Commercial air conditioning units run for a lot longer than a residential unit, which means that they are built to withstand a lot more wear and tear. Both Lennox and York offer a wide variety of systems, giving consumers the opportunity to find one that meets their needs.

York and Lennox systems both feature a number of different series of units within each brand. Each of these series is designed for a different building type or situation. Many of the different series models are comparable to one another in price and quality, with the exception of the premium Lennox and York systems.

York Online Offers the Best Choice

York online doesn’t just offer air conditioner parts, but they also have a great selection of air conditioners. Whether you’re looking for a window air conditioner, split system air conditioner, or whole house air conditioner York has a wide selection of air conditioning units to choose from.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of York air conditioners models and no wonder, with so many different types of air conditioning units. There are different size cooling systems with different cooling capacities. Therefore it is important to choose the right sized air conditioner to be installed in the house. It is also important to choose the right air conditioner to suit the specific needs of the users.

Let’s have a look at some of the best York air conditioners.

York YBP09 Air Conditioner

This air conditioner model is suitable for room size up to 623 sq ft. It has capacity to cool air up to 900 sq ft. The filter is easily accessible from the front of the air conditioner unit. It has an energy efficiency rating of 5.5.

York YBP12 Air Conditioner

This is another fantastic York air conditioner that can be used to cool one room up to 650 sq ft. It also cools the air in rooms up to 1200 sq ft with overall cooling capacity of 981 Btu per hour.

York YCG09 Air Conditioner

This stylish and classic York air cooler can cool any sized room up to 650 sq ft. The integrated window kit allows mounting outside the window. It has the capacity to cool air in room up to 1260 sq ft.


York AC has been in the industry for a long time and you can find most of their products stacked in any hardware store. However, just as with any other offline product, when it comes to purchasing an air conditioning unit you should be careful enough to purchase the best quality product.

York has a reputation of making top-of-the-line products that perform better than many other products in the same class. When it comes to air conditioning units, York is no different.

From their YK series to their high-end YE series, they have a range of options for almost every price point out there. They have indoor and outdoor units, and their indoor units can cool a room up to 500 square feet.

In addition to having a number of different air conditioners, York also has a number of optional features that you can add to your existing AC or furnace unit. For example, you can add humidity control, sleep mode, self cleaning, remote control, variable fan speeds, and parallel flow to any one of their AC units.

Whether you are comfortable with DIY and don’t want to bother with paying an AC technician to install your unit for you or have a group of professionals who will be installing your AC unit, York has the installation manual that you can refer to.

They even have a brochure that you can download with information on all of their air conditioning products.