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Quick Look at Rheem Air Conditioners

A number one reason why people do not want to buy air conditioners is the price! The window units are generally cheap; however, the expense for central air conditioning can cost you in the thousands of dollars. There is an alternative that costs less than window units that is the same air conditioner Rheem that operates on a unit attached to your ductwork and a thermostat. The installation costs are still high but the savings in energy costs will offset the installation expense.

If you have the money to spend on a central air conditioner, then you may be better off to start there and avoid the headaches of window units and such. Let's take a closer look at the Rheem air conditioners and see if it is a good choice for anyone.

Cost Expectations & Comparisons

Since Rheem does not have a huge selection in air conditioning systems, it is very important that those models that they do produce are the best in the industry. Luckily for those who need an air conditioner, Rheem produces a wide variety of units that offer excellent efficiency. All of Rheem’s models are Energy Star rated and use the best technology on the market. Their systems are also extremely quiet, so your home can be super cool while still maintaining a peaceful living environment.

One of the things customers love most about Rheem’s air conditioners is their warranty. They provide the most comprehensive coverage you can find. They will cover labor, parts and components for up to six years including wear items such as the compressor, condenser, drier, and evaporator coil. With a warranty this good, you know that you can trust the quality and longevity of their air conditioners.

Depending on your specific needs, Rheem has a system that is right for you. They offer three different styles of units for home and one type that is more budget friendly and available exclusively for commercial use or for a DIY project. These are the models available:

The Importance of A Quality HVAC Contractor

Regardless of how you get your heat into your home, it's important to have a high-quality heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system in place. A reliable, well-maintained system will keep your home livable, comfortable, and even safer.
And the only way to have that is to work with a top heating and air systems contractor

Finding the right HVAC system for your home is an important step, so it's worth doing some research before hiring a contractor to install it. For a brief overview on what to look for in a heating and air system, check out our handy buyer's guide on home heating and air conditioning.

Rheem Model Numbers Explained

Finding the right air conditioning unit isn’t always an easy process. For one thing, most air conditioning units don’t come with models numbers, which makes it almost impossible to compare air conditioning units side by side. Another factor to consider is that the quality of air conditioners varies. Truth is, this is a sort of high-tech product.

While high-tech doesn’t necessarily mean good quality, the truth is that many of the best air conditioners in the market are made of the best materials and high tech technology. They are more expensive when compared to the average air conditioners. But as with any other tech-heavy product, the technology evolves and the quality improves.

The best air conditioners out there go by the names of Rheem, Ruud, Lennox, Amana, Trane, Amana, Goodman, Carrier, and many other branded names. You can find a high quality air conditioner at a reasonable price range by looking at our air conditioning units reviews. It is hard to avoid a big name in air conditioners. They are the best in the industry, and many homeowners and businesses will only purchase air conditioners from top brand names.

Here is a brief guide to the section numbers of the Rheem air conditioning range.

Energy Efficiency/SEER

Rheem products are ENERGY STAR Qualified. Rheem air conditioners are available in a wide range of energy efficiency/SEER ratings for optimal energy efficiency. Between 8.0 and 32.0 SEER, Rheem has the most efficient indoor units available today to meet your cooling needs.

The CoolBot feature on Rheem air conditioner allows homeowners to control the temperature in several rooms throughout the house (like a remote thermostat) with the touch of a button or wall mounted remote.

Rheem helps families save money with single unit operation with an integrated hot air return air coil. This technology allows you to cool your house using just one unit instead of two. Rheem also provides two air coils for ducted units which provide better efficiency and longer-lasting performance.

Rheem has been an industry leader for many years and continues its tradition of continuous innovation. Rheem home comfort products combine trusted brand image, unparalleled quality and reliability, and cutting-edge technology in products ranging from air conditioners to furnaces. Rheem is a perfect choice for your next home comfort appliance purchase.

Compressor Options

Rheem, unlike some other manufacturers, uses a variety of compressor options on different models. Here is a short summary of their compressor types and their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Scroll down for a detailed compressor description of each compressor type.

Hermetic Condensing

The Hermetic Condensing (HC) compressor is used in the Rheem RPCE and RPCG single-stage heat pump models. Hermetic means hermetically-sealed refrigerant circuit. The difference between this option and the two listed below is that it uses a hermetically-sealed compressor – the refrigerant is circulated through the compressor block. The compressor stinger (where the refrigerant leaves through the suction port) is sealed with a gasket seal, eliminating any refrigerant leakage. This means that the compressor in a HC is similar in construction to a compressor in an all-refrigerant system.

Inverted Scroll Single Inverted Scroll x2

Note 1: Scroll compressor models with a “2” in their name have a second Scroll scroll compressor inside the first one. The “x2” means it has two Scroll scroll compressors inside the same compressor.

Note 2: The higher the x2 (the second number in the product name), the more efficient it is.

Single Stage Compressors

The heat pump is really a sophisticated version of the air conditioner, but it is used to relocate and in some cases change heat into cool air.

The heat pump is really a special appliance that is more efficient in cooling than the typical air conditioner which uses a compressor. The compressor actually throws hot air out of the radiator and exchanges heat with the cooler air coming inside. The heat obtained during this process is then moved from the interior area to the surroundings.

This process is called as the heat exchange process and it really requires air to accomplish this. The air inside your house and inside its surroundings are really the medium where the heat exchange process takes place.

Thus your next question will be how does the heat pump go about throwing or moving the heat to the outside? This is where the compressor is needed, and the compressor basically throws hot air outside. But it is still expensive and not to mention that it can cause rusting of metal objects in the room, especially when the room is already wet or damp.

To avoid moisture build up in the room, the compressor is usually located outside the room, but the problem is that it is still cost effective. In addition, it also caused the room to be hot as the air it pulls to the compressor will also be transferred back to the room.

Some would opt to use an air conditioner instead to avoid this problems. But as mentioned it is also costly.

Two Stage

Performance Aire Ac Rheem Air Conditioner Reviews are that this Two Stage model can provide 16,000 Btu of cooling, which is adequate for houses that are no more than 2,500 square feet, as directed by EnergyStar.

This product is EnergyStar compliant and is uses 13.1 EER, which is appropriate to the recommended size of the house.

The cooling capacity is not the best around, but it is still a decent amount. That gives you the chance to save on the cost of your power bills.

Installing a two-stage air conditioner means that it will provide the appropriate cooling that matches your needs at the time. It can provide the necessary cooling for smaller areas or the whole house.

Your needs can change at any time, and it is certainly not a bad thing when your air conditioner can keep up and follow along.

Two stage air conditioners are also able to….

Be Installed in an Unfinished Attic

These factors make setting up your air conditioning unit easier than ever before.

There is one problem with the performance of this air conditioner. That is that it may be unable to cool as quickly as some other units can.

While that may not be a problem for many people, it is something to keep in mind when dealing with this product.

Condenser Fan Options

Rheem makes a variety of high quality air conditioning systems for homes, and while their units appeal to everyone, they have specific series for specific home preferences. All of Rheem's systems are Energy Star rated, and listed below are each series along with the type of room it can easily accommodate.

RV a/c Units

Models designed specificially for RVs due to their versatility and compact size. They are sold with various abilities to regulate temperature, humidity, and airflow.

Car a/c Units

Convertibles, vans, and trucks can all benefit from a unit that is easy to install and maintain and if this is what you are looking for, you are in luck! Rheem has a built-in cabin air filter which stops dust and allergens from entering the passenger cabin.

Ductless Split System

For those who want both heating and air conditioning, you can customize your heat and air flow system by adding or removing the zones to fit your home's size and needs. The indoor units offer filtration and airflow control to ensure you are getting the best quality air.

Room Air Conditioner

Rheem's room air conditioners are located in the window or wall and not a central location.

Heating Options

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year-round has never been so simple.

Noise Levels

Customer reviews for this model show they are generally happy with the level of noise it produces. This unit is one of the quietest in its class, and in some cases customers have commented they are unable to hear it from another room. This unit is not “whisper quiet,” but it is within an acceptable range for most customers.

The manufacturer reports that this model produces 52.2 decibels at cooling speed and 36.5 decibels at heating speed. In terms of noise level, this model is deemed the quietest of its class and would probably be considered one of the quietest window units out there.

It should be noted that many customers consider this unit to be “too quiet,” thinking that something is not working. To make sure it is working properly, it is best to have it serviced and check calibration.

One important thing to note is that the blower fan exhausts from the top of the unit, so it may not be suitable for living spaces located at street level. Some customers have expressed concern about the possibility of being awakened during a hot spell, should they decide to leave this unit on overnight.

Warranty & Why It Is Important

Before you buy any product brand, you need to do your research, including checking out the warranties. A good warranty can provide you with peace of mind, and a warranty that's too short or too poor can make you stand on your head (or maybe just your heels) to keep your appliances running. So what should you be looking for when you're examining your warranties?


In general, the longer the better. A two-year warranty is decent, while three years is more common and better, and even a 10-year warranty should impress you. If you're looking into Rheem air conditioners, note that the 10-year coverage between the compressor and outdoor unit is Rheem's longest warranty. In short, you can probably get three to four 10-year warranties on every other part of the system.


It's also important to note what the warranty covers. Will it cover labor costs? Will it cover parts? What is it limited and not limited to? Most manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on labor and a one year on parts. That's pretty standard coverage, so it's what you should be looking for in Rheem air conditioners as well.

Tax Breaks Explained

Recently, the government has been releasing its yearly reports on tax breaks that can be used against their annual taxes. Many people love being able to take advantage of this government incentive because it saves them real hard-earned money. But, for a lot of people, tax breaks can be confusing.

In this post, we’re going to breakdown all of the information you need to understand the tax breaks and how they can help save you money. We’re also going to take a look at a few tax breaks that the U.S. government is making available in 2017.

If you’re interested in any of these tax breaks or want to learn more about tax breaks in general, then this post is definitely going to be of value to you.

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Energizing Classroom Tax Credit

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If you’re planning to make major improvements to your classroom, you may be able to take advantage of this tax break. This credit is available to teachers who go above and beyond in their roles.

Rheem vs. Goodman

Which Air Conditioner is Right for Me?

If you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool during the humid summers, there is a lot to consider and we can help you make the best choice. Rheem and Goodman are the two leading brands that offer all types of portable and central air conditioning systems. The following is a side-by-side review of both Rheem and Goodman to help you choose which one is perfect for your home.

Construction and Design

Goodman air conditioners are known for its stylish and sleek design. Designers and product specialists share developments when it comes to improving the mechanics of the Goodman air conditioning units.

Rheem air conditioners are known to be more simple in design when compared to their competitor. However, this is what makes the Rheem air conditioners more attractive to a lot of consumers.


The costs of air conditioners are a source of significant difference between Goodman and Rheem. One thing to remember is the Rheem air conditioning systems are unique and come with their own unique features. They are also known to be powerful and equipped to handle any cooling load.

They work great but are more expensive when compared to the Goodman air conditioners. When you factor in the price, it is evident that it is more economical to buy the Goodman air conditioners when compared to the Rheem.
Sales and Warranty

Pro’s & Cons of Rheem AC Units

There are a number of benefits of Rheem products. Their products are energy efficient, reliable, durable and budget-friendly.

The Cons of Rheem AC units:

What you need to know before selecting a Rheem AC unit

All Rheem AC units have condenser coils that are made of aluminum instead of copper and therefore you should expect reduced airflow and efficiency of operation during cooler months. The coils tend to get corroded a little faster than ones of the other brands but are easily replaceable. Rheem AC units have a low sound level of operation so they are popular in homes where a quiet cooling unit is preferred. So, how does a Rheem AC Unit differ from others?

Rheem AC units utilize a 2-way refrigeration process rather than the other manufacturers use of the conventional 3-way process. Being a 2-way process there is no hot gas discharge which results in a quieter and more environmentally friendly system

Customer Reviews

The Rheem brand produces high-quality, durable and energy efficient air conditioners. It is manufactured by a company called Emerson Climate Technologies, which also produces Lennox air conditioners. Rheem Air Conditioners are popular with individuals who want a strong, high-quality air conditioner that can stand the test of time.

Rheem air conditioners feature a ComfortSense energy saving technology, which offers the option of Eco, Auto, or No modes. Eco mode helps save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature to meet the standards required to save energy. You also have the option to eliminate the remote and operate the air conditioner only with your handheld remote. This is especially beneficial when you return home and want your air conditioner to already be on.

· Rheem’s premium copper coil helps pumps hot air out of your home quickly while drawing in cooler air. This is responsible for adding to the air conditioner’s longevity and durability.

· Rheem air conditioners are able to cool spaces of up to 5500 square feet.

Those who have used Rheem air conditioners claim it provides a steady cool temperature and a whisper of a sound. Say what you will about noisy air conditioners, but the last thing you want to hear when laying in bed is a loud whirring sound as your room cools.


When it comes to choosing the best rheem air conditioner, you should be able to select one that will meet all of your needs. If you decide to go with the Rheem RSX-AJ, just make sure you have a plan for your installation. Look for a company with a good reputation and won’t charge you an arm and leg for your installation. Also, make sure that you have a good warranty in place for the life of the system to make sure that you have no issues.

If you decide that you don’t need to invest in an air conditioning unit right away, you may want to look into the Rheem Evaporative Air Cooler. These units can cool large areas and offer great value for the price. Be sure to read the reviews on the system you are interested in to ensure it will meet your needs.

Whatever you decided to do, finding the best air conditioner for your home can help the process of keeping your house cool during the summer months.