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How Air Conditioners Work

AC units work by cooling the air around them. Compared to a furnace, an air conditioner is fairly straight forward, but there are many components and parts that need to work together for the unit to be effective in your home.

The most important part of the air conditioning process is condensation. Condensation removes the excess heat that would normally become uncomfortable for the homeowner. Without this condensation, the sticky and humid air remains in your home.

To function correctly, an air conditioner has to be able to remove heat and moisture from the air in your home. To remove the heat and moisture, it moves air in and out of the house. That air movement is created by the condenser and the fan.

The Air conditioner condenser takes in hot air from outside the home and concentrates that air by removing moisture. At the same time, a fan pushes that airflow through the blower located inside the unit. In the home, the blower pushes the cooled air into the ductwork that's connected to the central air conditioning system.

The condenser is connected to the inside of the air conditioner frame via copper tubing. Both the compressor and the condenser fans have an electric motor that moves the air through the system. The compressor provides the cool air and the condenser takes heat out of the air in the home.

The AC motor makes use of a belt and pulley system to move the fan inside the unit.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

If you need to buy air conditioning parts, you should look for an air conditioner unit. Air conditioning units are designed to cool and dehumidify the air inside your home. They come in two main types: the interior air conditioner and the window air conditioner.

The interior air conditioner units are typically the most expensive type but they also provide much more flexibility in terms of placement. Interior air conditioners come in a variety of sizes. They range from 2,000 BTU to 3,500 BTU. These units can be installed in an installation cabin or in the attic.

Compared with other ones, air conditioning units have a relatively high energy rating, which means that they don’t use much energy. However, air conditioners also typically come with a fairly large price tag as well. But air conditioners, like other home appliance can be your long term investment.

The window air conditioners are available in three different sizes as well – they include 2,000 BTU to 7,000 BTU. The smallest window air conditioner is typically installed on either the inside of an existing window, or on the face of an exterior wall. Window ACs generally don’t take up much space and they can also be removed easily when they aren’t needed.

Central AC Systems

When it comes to repairing, maintaining, or upgrading your air conditioning system or central air system, the first thing that needs to be done is determining whether you need to focus on the air conditioner or the air conditioning system. The air conditioner is the machine installed in the wall of your home. Sometimes you may need to replace the air conditioner. The air conditioning system is considered to be the entire temperature control system … which includes the air conditioner, air ducts, and any other HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) components. This is where most the problems or issues occur and need repair.

The main purpose of an air conditioner is to provide your home with comfort and a cool environment. The air conditioning system is a major part of your house and often times the most important part of your home as far as comfort and temperature goes. For these reasons, it is important to know what to buy from a parts and repair website and what is the most efficient air conditioner that will work for your home. Not every house needs the same size or most efficient air conditioner.

Split AC systems & Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Many homeowners are interested in installing their own central air conditioner. It is quite a bit cheaper than hiring a professional to install it for you. If you have no interest in installing the air conditioner yourself, there is another option. Families who have their own house, apartment, or single room to cool, may be interested in a ductless mini-split system. Rather than having to install ductwork in all of the rooms in your house, you simply install a mini-split system in one room and place the air conditioner anywhere you want in that room. You can place it on the floor, the wall, or high on the ceiling and point it towards your bed, sofa, or kitchen. The mini-split system is self-contained with a wide variety of installation options.

These mini-split air conditioning systems are super cost-effective and energy efficient. You can easily roll them around from room to room, installing one in every room of your house if you like, or keeping them in one room of your house where it gets the hottest.

The air conditioner has a compressor, condenser, and evaporator, as well as more advanced components, but is significantly smaller than a central air conditioner. The air conditioner is then connected to a standard furnace blower and exhaust ducting to distribute the cooled air throughout the room or house.

Window/Room AC Systems

With window air conditioners, most models can be removed from your house and moved to another room. If you perform the task of moving the air conditioner and its connecting hoses to another room in your home, you will need room air conditioner installation. Having the extra hose length often makes the installation easier.

If you have a central air conditioner, it generally requires professional help if it ever fails. If that is the case, the service man may connect the air conditioner to your current ductwork and return ductwork to your attic or another outside area.

You may need to flip the air conditioner on its back whilst the installation is under way. If the service person does not remove or adjust the thermostat during the installation, you might find that the temperature setting does not correspond to the actual temperature.

Occasionally, you can adjust the thermostat on the air conditioner to match the room temperature. By looking at the settings, you should be able to determine in what direction to adjust the thermostat. Usually, there is a direction to turn the dial to increase and to decrease the temperature.

Simply adjust the dial to the letter or temperature setting of the room. If the air conditioner has an adjustable air-flow control, you might be able to keep more of the room warm using the extra air flow. Your manufacturer should have provided instructions that clearly explain how to adjust the thermostat.

Portable AC Systems

There are many different portable air conditioners available right now. Choosing the right air conditioner can be a little tedious, because there are so many models options. However, portable air conditioners are available in different capacities. So, if you want more power in your air conditioner, you have to pay more. Before you buy a portable air conditioner, you have to look at the requirements of your house.

Most people choose portable air conditioners because they are more affordable. Also, they are easy to place in different rooms. If you choose a portable air conditioner, you have lots of options. You may think that you have to choose the cheapest one, but this is not true, because most of them are made of good quality.

You can get a portable air conditioner with a remote control, and they are easy to clean. There is a small fan inside portable air conditioners, because they are smaller than other air conditioners. Sometimes, portable air conditioners have some problems, like they may freeze in the winter. Also, they may not work in a house with a lot of windows.

The portable air conditioners manufactures are working on those problems, and they will come up with an improved design in the future. Some models of portable air conditioners have a timer, which is perfect when you are sleeping.

RV AC Systems

An RV air conditioning system can be one of the most important items while traveling through hot weather. The cold air can help people to rest better at night, and it can help protect expensive items. However, a system will eventually begin to fail, and you’ll need to replace or repair it. Thankfully, it’s a lot cheaper to buy the parts online rather than as the part of a complete system.

Here are some of the common reasons that an RV air conditioning system might stop working properly, and why you should buy the parts online.

Failed Cooling Compressor

The cooling compressor is the most expensive part in an AC system, so you'll want to get this one checked out. There are several ways that you can tell if the compressor is broken, including:

The compressor is the unit that is connected to the outside of the RV. The casing should be relatively cool to the touch, and any warm spots may be a sign.

You can feel the temperature inside the unit, and it should be much colder than the outside temperature, if not, there's something wrong.

If one of these two things happens, you'll need to replace the compressor.

Car AC Systems

There are some parts in an air conditioning system that are designed to be replaced from time-to-time. These parts are known as components and they are probably the only components that you would need to replace on your own. Other parts are repairable and making repairs is usually more cost effective than replacing the entire system.

A full HVAC system used for cooling, heating or both is considered a whole system rather than individual parts. HVAC systems are made up of a variety of other components including:

  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Expansion valves
  • Condensers
  • Coils
  • Dampers
  • Capacitors
  • Thermostats
  • Fan motors
  • Damper motors
  • Blower motors
  • Controllers
  • Valves
  • Expansion valves
  • Filters


The component parts are the smaller parts of the system that each have a specific job to do to maintain the function of the whole system. The system may include any of these components:

{1}. Condenser fan to cool and remove excess moisture from the air.
{2}. Compressor is another key component because it pumps refrigerant into the system.

Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

If your air conditioner is not working properly, then it probably needs fixing by an experienced AC technician. But here are some common signs to watch out for before it becomes a major breakdown. By detecting the problem early, you can ensure that your AC will give you many more years of top performance and you will avoid unnecessary repair costs.

{1}. When you set the thermostat higher than usual but still feel hot or uncomfortably cold.
{2}. When you notice that your AC doesn’t seem to cool the house down at all.
{3}. When you notice that the AC seems to turn on and off very frequently with the temperature hardly changing.
{4}. When your electric bill for the month is unusually high.
{5}. When the AC seems to be making strange sounds.
{6}. When you notice a strong acid odor coming from your AC.
{7}. When your AC is delivering wind rather than cool air or hot air.

Warm Air

An air conditioner’s compressor is one of its most important parts and it is likely to fail at some point in time. If this happens, you can buy a new compressor and pay a few dollars every summer. On the other hand, you can get a whole new air conditioner that will last for decades with proper maintenance. If you have no one to repair your air conditioner and there is no AC repair shop near you, you have only one option.

Insufficient Airflow

From Your Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is a great thing to have when the weather is hot and sticky, but they …don’t always work the way they should. There are a number of possible reasons why your air conditioner may be blowing out air that is only mildly cool.

Check for Leaks

A leaky duct or a leaking window is a major cause of this problem. If your home is damp, the air conditioner will have difficulty getting the moisture out of the air, which will cause it to blow out warm air. The best way to find out if there is a leak is to first, turn your air conditioner off.

Then, remove the front cover of the evaporator coil (usually on the side or rear of a unit) and look for water. If you find any water on the evaporator coil, then you should either call a professional or have the leaky duct repaired (it could be the whole duct system, not just the flex hose).

Check Air Filter

Most people just assume that their air filter is clean because they don’t see it often. But an air filter that is too dirty will cause air not to be filtered properly, and the air conditioner unit will be weak when blowing out air. The air filter should be cleaned monthly, or less if possible.

Frequent Cycles

Don't judge an air conditioner by its cover. When shopping for an air conditioner, first check the unit's energy-efficiency… Getting a cheaper unit that costs more to run in short order isn't a good deal. If you have a brand of AC you love, don't assume all its models are up to par … Look at Consumer Reports to see which models have earned the most praise.

Occasionally check your AC's filter and replace it as necessary… A dirty filter can reduce airflow, making the unit work harder.

If your unit has a timer, choose a setting that will enable the AC to cycle off or on at regular, frequent intervals… If your AC seems to remain on for a long time, it can cool the room but its compressor can wear out more quickly.

Turn off the central air conditioner when you're not in the room or when you leave for the day… LEAVE THE FAN ON.

If you live in an area where temperatures dip, make sure to turn up the temp on your AC between late October and early April… To help keep the temperature in the home comfortable.

High Humidity

Windows that don’t seal and air ducts that allow hot air into your house are often the source of hot air in the summer, but in humid areas, the air itself can be the problem. Humid air has a lower heat capacity, meaning it will take longer to cool off than dry air would. In other words, a 12-hour summer night will feel more like a 14-hour summer night in a home with 100% relative humidity.

Air conditioners exchange heat between the air inside the house and the air outside to eliminate extreme swings in temperature. Their job would be much easier if the air didn’t have water vapor in it. If dehumidifiers do not run constantly, the air may become uncomfortably warm. Many AC systems don’t run as efficiently in humid weather, and ultimately cost more than they would in a drier environment.

When you need to cool off too much, or cold air pumping into a humid environment will make your AC more work to run. While it may be easier to simply let hot air rule the house in the warmer months, consider getting air conditioning parts to ensure you can get the cool air you need.

Water Leaks

Water damages to an air conditioner is one of the common culprits of a failing or nonfunctioning air conditioner. That’s why it’s essential to watch out for any signs of water damage to your AC before it becomes too late. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to check for water damage to your AC.

For in-window air conditioners, the first thing you should look out for is mould near the vents or in the space where the air conditioner sits. This is the most common place where leaks occur, so you should get it checked if you see any mould.

On the other hand, for air conditioners that sit on the floor, you can check things such as water in the location where the power cord is attached and water pooling on the floor around the AC unit. These are two good signs that moisture is getting into the air conditioner, which can cause damage. There have also been cases where the high humidity in the area caused the air conditioner to leak or malfunction.

Bad Odors

These three possibilities are the ones that cause bad odors to permeate your home and air conditioners. If you’ve got one of these conditions, you’ll want to have a professional take a look at your AC.

Debris and Trash in the Coils

This happens often when you are cleaning. If you try to blow out the accumulated debris and dust from the outside of the unit, you may fail to remove all the trash.

Some will be blown into the coils, where the fan will spread it throughout the air conditioner. This will cause a weird smell that can permeate your home.

This is the easiest problem to fix, with a simple removal process.

Your AC pro May Be Able to Clean Inside

You may have your AC pro take a look if you notice a musty smell. They may be able to clean the coils to get rid of any bad smells. However, if the coils are just dirty, it might not be enough to fix the problem.

The Dirty Condenser Coils

If there is mold or bacteria growing outside of the air conditioner, then you may smell a musty odor that you aren’t able to get rid of.

You may even fix the problems listed above, but still smell a bad odor from the air conditioner.

AC Replacement Parts Explained

When it comes to buying air conditioning (AC) system replacement parts online, it can be a good idea to do some research and get familiar with some terminology if you’re new to air conditioning systems. This information will help you efficiently purchase the parts you need for your AC unit.

AC Starter

The AC starter is what engages the compressor. The AC system’s resistance against start-up is created by the compression of the start and off pads in the start capacitor. The closed refrigerant circuit prevents arcing within the capacitor itself. A high-amperage current zaps through the bladed assembly, effectively torquing the motor armature.

The weak link in this chain is the compressor. Many times an old compressor is at the heart of AC complaints.

AC Start Relay

The start relay, also known as the AC relay, is similar to the start capacitor. They use the same magnetic force to create the high-amperage spark, which starts the compressor. An AC relay’s differences from a start capacitor are in the quality of its metallurgy, the frequency of application, and the power.


When you're dealing with the heating or cooling components of your AC unit, it's definitely a good idea to ensure that you're looking at original parts and not a generic or aftermarket product. When you're dealing with a manufacturer's name, you can be sure that you're getting the best parts and the only parts that will fit properly.

Air conditioner parts are just like any other component that makes up the air conditioner. They're extremely sensitive to even the smallest changes. A slight modification that doesn't change the parts' mechanics can lead to damage in the cooling or heating process.

If you're buying air conditioner parts online, you should find a reputable seller. ¬Ask around and get some referrals from people that you know. It's always best to ask someone who has used a particular air conditioner parts vendor before. You should also have a good idea of which products you're looking for and what brand you have. That way, you can be sure that you're purchasing the correct air conditioner parts for your unit. A good seller should be more than happy to help you and offer advice if you need it. If a seller can't answer your questions or provide information about the air conditioner parts that you're looking for, you should look else where.


Blower Wheels are typically made out of aluminum, and are what creates the cool air flow that we feel when operating an air conditioning unit. The air flow is caused by a series of blades that in turn spin a shaft attached to a motor. Over time, the blades can be worn down or grow dull, and the amount of air flow will be greatly reduced. Replacing the blower wheel is an easy and at times inexpensive repair that can allow your air conditioning to cool your home more efficiently.

Hose Wheel

The Hose Wheel is a brand specific replacement wheel, and can only be used as part of a system made by the brand the Hose Wheel belongs to. Since a Hose Wheel is an integral part of the assembly of any Hose Wheel system, it should be purchased in conjunction with the other system parts. Most Hose Wheels are made of a lightweight plastic that is smooth so it will function smoothly with a hose.

Expansion Valve

Air conditioner parts are commonly called service parts, service kits or part kits. Service kits contain repair parts such as expansion valve, evaporator coil, condenser coil, air handler blower wheel, thermostat etc. The expansion valve is used to control the refrigerant pressure in an air conditioning system.


And HVAC Parts: How To Cut Costs

There is always ways to save money and be smart when buying A/C parts. Part of the cost of the system you install in your home is going to include a number of different expenses.

Thermostat and HVAC Parts Not Expensive

The thermostat is the brain behind the system and the blower fan is the heart. Thermostat and blower are both vital to the operation of any system, so they account for about 30% of the cost of the entire system. Blower motor and condenser are the next two most important parts, making up about 25% of the total cost. Also, at about 15% of the overall cost is the evaporator coil. The parts that account for the remaining 15% of the system cost are: sensor, furnace, ducts, damper, and heat pump.

Looking for a better price on thermostat and HVAC parts, you can do a Google search online for your part. If you can't find what you need online, call us here at AC Parts of Florida. We have online customers every day that are saving huge money on parts. We may even have some of the parts you need in stock. Call us for all the parts and service you need.


Air filters are designed to improve the quality of the air in your home. Some air filters are specifically meant to absorb the allergens in the air, while others are designed to remove as much dust as possible. Air filters have a tendency to get clogged with dirt after a certain period of time. When this happens, the air flow is limited and your home’s efficiency is affected. If you’re the owner of an air conditioner, then you’re probably looking for a fair price to buy air conditioner filters. Thankfully, you don’t have to break your bank account, you can easily buy air conditioner parts online.


And Compressor are for the Air Conditioner?

Some of the common problems which you can solve with the help of the online air conditioner parts and accessories are listed below some air conditioner parts are mostly related to the compressor and the fan of the air conditioner. The Air Conditioner Belt is one of them. The air conditioner belt is a major component of an air conditioner and is an important part of the air conditioner. Basically, it is a flexible belt which acts as a connecting link between the compressor and the fan. It helps in the circulation of the air in the air conditioning system.

The other part of the AC is the Compressor. It pumps refrigerant from the AC Unit. It is a part of the central air system. Modern AC works on the principle of air moving across the coils in the AC unit. In winter, the coils are cold and the air cools them down. In summer, the coils are warm and the air cools them down. The air of the surrounding room and the cold or warm air of the coils move across each other. This is what actually happens to the air in the room.


Air conditioner is one of the great inventions that revolutionize our comfort in our home. Every one of us familiar to the features of air conditioner. But as we know, any machine must have a regular maintenance and must be repaired if there’s a problem.

The problem may occur due to some of the reasons:

  • The unit is already in use for several years
  • Unit is out of warranty
  • Improper use

When it comes to maintenance, some parts must be replaced after certain period of time. Some parts must be replace after specific number of hours in service. But often just a regular inspection and checks can predict the damage or problem before you’re going to replace a part. This will help you a lot and save money as well.

Before you decide to replace a part of your air conditioner, you must know about the parts that make up your unit.

Refrigerant Gas/Freon

One of the best parts of buying heating and air conditioning repair parts is the free advice that you get with them. With a little bit of patience, you can learn a whole lot about the different HVAC systems out there, as well as a lot about your specific system.

As far as air conditioner parts go, one of the most common problems is freon leaks. You may think that freon is not something that you should worry about, but it is a refrigerant gas that is used in air conditioners. In order to make installation and maintenance easier, the freon is fed into the air conditioner through a regulator and a low-pressure hose. The regulator makes sure that the pressure is kept low and that the freon is not sprayed out all over the place.

The regulator also makes sure that there is always an adequate amount of freon in the air conditioner and to make that possible, there are holes in the regulator to allow for freon flow. These holes can get clogged with dust and dirt, causing a small reduction in the amount of freon that passes through per hour. Normally, each air conditioner and the regulator will be set up so that any reduction will not cause any significant difference in performance. However, in extreme temperatures or if there is a larger reduction, there may not be enough freon in the air conditioner.


Or Condenser?

Admittedly, an air conditioning system is one of the most complicated parts of a house, and the part that your family will rely on the most. It is an entirely different world inside the AC unit, with a ton of different tubes, wires, and coils that can easily get damaged. As a homeowner, you have to be very careful when confronting any problems with your AC unit. If you start messing around with it and doing repairs without knowing what you’re doing, you could end up making the repairs ten times more expensive. To make sure you can tackle any problems with your air conditioner, one of the most important things you need to do is to get educated. Today, we’re going to talk about capacitor vs condenser, two terms that you’ll hear a lot when talking about AC units.

When it comes to air conditioners, the things that most homeowners should pay attention to are the proper operation of the system, the noise level of the AC, and trouble-free AC repair. Air conditioning is a very costly appliance, and a malfunctioning AC unit can easily lead to the necessity of a replacement. Therefore, it is very important to understand the basics of capacitor vs condenser, and make sure your AC unit is properly performing.

Capacitor vs Condenser, What’s The Difference?

Condenser & Condenser Coil

In contrast with air conditioning systems, condenser coil is single-hose unit. Some air conditioners have a small space between the compressor and the coil; some have a small coil outside the compressor.

In a single-hose air conditioner, a larger coil is used. This provides ample surface area for efficient heat transfer. The condenser coils in an air conditioner are not very different from those used in heat exchangers. An air conditioner's condenser coil is packed with finned tubes that allow air to flow freely. The room air is blown through the finned tubes and the coil absorbs heat from the flowing air. The heat is then transferred to the refrigerant in the air conditioner via heat-exchange so that it can cool the room.

Air Compressor

Your air conditioning is very common in a lot of homes. But do you think that you can repair or maintain it yourself? If you know the essential factors of how you can maintain it well, then you can choose the very best type of air compressor parts. As there are so many kinds of air compressor parts, you can easily repair them with their help.

There are all kinds of air compressor parts that you can buy online. There are various sites which allow you to search the whole inventory, and you can check the data of the items before buying them. You can search the very best type of parts that you can find on these sites so that you can repair your air compressor.

There are also A/C parts and engine parts which you can buy to repair your air compressor. You can buy any A/C component such as A/C parts, A/C compressor, skid-mounted air conditioner, A/C condenser and parts of A/C and so on.

There are also cooling tower parts which you can buy in order to repair your cooling tower. So if you are searching for these necessary air compressor parts then you can simply buy it online. The internet is a good source for all types of repair parts, and you can search any kind of parts from here.

Remote Control & Controller System

An air conditioner’s remote control is used to control the unit’s various functions from the comfort of your couch (or bed, or just about anywhere in your home).

How Does It Work?

The remote control for your air conditioner is simple, and many don’t even look much like the remotes you’re used to. Unlike your other TV or stereo remotes, these work using infrared technology. You don’t need to aim the remote at the air conditioner in order to use it.

When you press any of the buttons on the remote control, an infrared beam sends the signal, just like a TV remote sending an infrared signal to your TV. This signal is then picked up by the infrared receiver in the air conditioner itself.

Remote Control Options

Air conditioners come with different control options. Some air conditioners come with a handheld remote, but most larger air conditioners are controlled using a wall-mounted remote.

Fan Motor

The fan motor is the most common part to fail in an air conditioner, so it’s probably common for a majority of people to need one. If your motor burns out, the whole unit must be replaced, which will be a bit costly. Whatever the price tag, however, replacing a motor is always cheaper than replacing the whole unit which could cost you significantly more.

While the fan motor is the most common air conditioner part to fail, it doesn’t have to be. That’s why most manufacturers provide at least a one and sometimes a two year warranty that covers your motor. The reason why they do this, of course, is because they expect these parts to fail.

Usually, if your air conditioning fan motor fails, it’s probably because there is a problem with the bearing. When the bearing fails, friction melts the motor, and it’s essentially destroyed. The problem is most commonly caused by the improper type of lubricant used during installation.

A good way to tell if the motor has a problem or is working properly is to listen to it. When it is spinning, it should sound like a quiet could while the fan is on low. If there is a more of a whining or scratching sound, it could be a problem.

Adjustable Louvers

Central air louvers are delicate. A common problem is that louvers are misaligned after delivery or over a few years of use. There are models of louvers that can’t be adjusted. They are permanent, rust out, and fall off leaving you gutted. Luckily, there are models with adjustable copper louvers. You can adjust central air louver with these copper adjustable louvers.

Why Are Car AC Parts Different?

All vehicles need air conditioning systems to stay comfortable, but what makes them different is the way they have to work.

All cars need to use a cooling system in the style of an automobile. They typically contain a radiator that cools down liquid coolant, a radiator cap to keep pressure in, and fans to move the cool air all over the car.

Using air conditioning in cars is a different kind of system that doesn’t require you to pull any liquids out of your radiator and doesn’t make you lose pressure. Instead of using a radiator, auto air conditioners rely on a Network of tubes with coolants running through them. There is a big compressor that keeps the temperatures at a steady level, and there are several expansion valves to get the pressure just right. These parts control how cold the air will get and the vents all around the car that provide you with the refrigerated air.

Because the air conditioning system has to work differently than the cooling system, you might need to find some specialized parts if you’re going on an uncommon journey. Make sure to keep your air conditioner in top shape by purchasing the proper parts and keeping the system maintained.

Common Brands of AC Units

Air conditioning units are different from each other depending on their brand. It is commonly said that the brands of air conditioners are completely different. However, today it is not the case because many brands have used the same technology but at different prices. HVAC units are designed and manufactured by many companies and companies can also create an affordable material to compete with others to provide a better service to the customer.

Below you will find some popular brands.

Bryant: They are known for their Lennox thermostats. Although Bryant products are durable, they are not able to compete with other brands of air conditioners.

Carrier: This brand is known for providing great services. They have a lot of AC units for sale and you can choose from thousands of options. Carrier has a lot of options to select from and the size of the air conditioning unit can vary depending on the size of the house.

Trane: They have been providing great services for over 35 years. They are renowned for their classic air conditioning units that last for a long time. However, they were not able to win the market until they won the hearts of their customers.

York: They provide products that are unique. You can find a lot of York products on the market. They are known for the cheap materials and they also have accessories for air conditioning units.

Cleaning Your AC

DIY Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re like many people, you’d probably rather spend your Sunday gardening than driving around town to local hardware stores looking for that one missing part to fix your air conditioner. Thankfully, there’s a simpler way to find the tools and parts you need.

If you’re interested in DIY air conditioning repair, the first thing you need to do is research your problem. Before heading to the store for a part you’ll probably end up returning, make sure you know what part you need. This information will not only save you time and money, it will also help ensure that you buy the right part the first time.

Using the Internet to research your repair can save you a lot of headache and will save a lot of time for your repair job as well. Before you start living in a sweltering house praying for it to heat up just so it will cool down, do your research and find exactly what part you need. You’ll save time, frustration, and money in the long run.

When the weather is too hot to move and you’re not able to get your AC unit repaired as quickly as you’d like, get some rest, turn on some fans, and try reading The Last Book in the Universe to stay cool.

Buying Online Vs. a Store Near Me

If you plan on buying parts to fix your AC system yourself there are two options available to you: buying through an online store or buying from a local shop. Which one you choose is purely a matter of preference.

Some people swear that it’s better to go directly to a nearby store and purchase air conditioner parts while others feel that it’s easier to order online from a national store. This post shares the pros and cons of both of these options so that you can decide which is best for you.

Save Time

Some online stores will even expedite your delivery, so that you receive your parts as soon as possible. Ordering online is often quicker than driving back and forth between stores in a panic, trying to find what you need.

Save on Gas

Paying for gas isn’t exactly fun (especially right now with gas prices so high), and driving back and forth between stores just to find the one part you need is time consuming, stressful, and expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and they're a great way to find information quickly to the most common questions. Some companies even refer to their most valued customers as Frequent Buyers, which I think is probably the best name for any type of customer you could have! 🙂

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common FAQs about shopping for air conditioning parts online.


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