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Quick Look at Amana Air Conditioners

Below are the best choices for you to choose from, please check and choose the one you like.

Amana – ARUF120D – 18000 BTU – Window Package Product Type: Window Unit Air Conditioner

EER / SEER Rating: 8.6 / 9.0

6 / 9.0 Cooling Capacity (BTU): 18000 BTU

18000 BTU AC Cooling Speeds: 3 Cooling Speeds

3 Cooling Speeds Dehumidification: 1.0 pints Water/hour

0 pints Water/hour Refrigerant: R-410A

R-410A Voltage: 115V~0575Hz

115V~0575Hz Power Supply Cord Length: Not Specified

Not Specified Operating Noise (dB): Not Specified

Not Specified Air Flow (CFM): Not Specified

Not Specified Energy Star: Not Specified

Amana – ARUF150D – 24000 BTU – Window Package Product Type: Window Unit Air Conditioner

EER / SEER Rating: 8.8 / 10.0

8 / 10.0 Cooling Capacity (BTU): 24000 BTU

24000 BTU AC Cooling Speeds: 3 Cooling Speeds

3 Cooling Speeds Dehumidification: 1.

Cost Expectations & Comparisons

Air conditioners can vary just as much as the houses they keep cool. Some are more powerful than others. Some are more feature-rich, too. The main thing you’ll want to consider is how much you can afford to spend and how much your home needs.

How much you can afford is pretty obvious. When you know how much a unit costs, you can budget for the purchase as well as factor it into your budgeting for the total cost of ownership (Consumer Reports, 2010).

How much your home needs is a little trickier to puzzle out. Sure, you want an air conditioner that will keep your home cool on the hottest day of the summer, but how much additional cooling do you need and how much is overkill?

If you live in a part of the US that typically doesn’t get super hot, then you may only need something that runs small and takes up insignificant space. On the other hand, if you live in a really hot part of the country, you may want something that’s a lot more powerful.

The Importance of a Quality HVAC Contractor

If you are like me, you probably have never had a home that was built with a high quality heating and air conditioning system. Maybe someone did it right the first time, or maybe we haven’t been in our home long enough. Either way, you are probably real familiar with heating and cooling and the different ways they can be done.

My house is an older home, and many years ago central air conditioning was not very popular and really not in the budget. We have 3 separate units in the house. This was fine until it wasn’t.

Whenever it gets too hot, or some of the other units stop working, it quickly turns into an emergency and all I want is an HVAC contractor to make it all better. I KNOW I need one, but how do I find someone that is good? Is there anyone in this area that is ANY GOOD? I am sure you know how a furnace or air conditioner failure sometimes turns into a tragedy.

If you are anything like me, then the thought of having to go through this is a little stressful.

If I could get rid of the stress of finding an HVAC contractor, I am sure I would sleep better at night.

Amana Model Numbers Explained

Amana has been around since the early 20th century. They’re a trusted brand with an excellent reputation in the HVAC industry. In the past, there was no difference between a Carrier and an Amana unit, but now they are manufactured by two separate companies.

The marketing departments of the two companies did come up with a way to help shoppers tell them apart. For Carrier, the first letter of the model number represents the room size. For example, a model number beginning with an ‘C’ indicates it’s a C size air conditioner. The next two digits represent how much BTU of cooling it can produce. The third letter of the model is the appropriate coil style for the rating. The last three numbers are a unique identifier for that model number.

Amana uses a similar model number system, with the first letter corresponding to the coil style, IE a ‘G’ for a geo-plasm coil and an ‘A’ for a split air conditioner coil. The second letter of the model number represents the unit size, and the last three numbers are a unique identifier for that model.

Other Amana Air Conditioner Options

Window Air Conditioner

The Amana Top Loading Window Air Conditioner with Humidity Control is a basic dehumidifier. It does a nice job of cooling the air, and there are several other models available with greatly improved features.

It only has one available speed, and there is no timer. It is also very loud and rattles quite badly. In the grand scheme of things, the window air conditioner has a few positive attributes. .

It is fairly easy to install and it filters the air. It is also very inexpensive and is available in three different colors. None of the negative aspects of the Amana Top Loading Window Air Conditioner has a big enough negative impact to make it one to not consider as a possible purchase.

Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner comes with a remote control, which allows you to adjust the settings from the comfort of your own couch. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, and though the unit isn’t the quietest that I’ve come across, it is certainly not the noisiest.

Based on my personal experience, this is a suitable choice for those who want a portable AC that can cool a room quickly, but have limited space for a more traditional AC. Considering that its overall size is 32 x 16.5 x 17.5 inches, in some instances it may be too much if your requirement is to cool an entire house.

The remote control let us adjust the temperature to different levels because the Amana from June Air AC is quiet enough to adjust the temperature even whilst asleep. The unit is relatively easy to move around and it gives a more powerful cooling experience than other brands of portable air conditioners.

According to a recent survey, most of the customers felt that this was the best portable AC they have ever purchased. Those who have had issues with this product blamed it on the fact that they used it in a large area. I agree with the fact that you need to strike a balance between power and capacity to enjoy the best of your AC.

Energy Efficiency/SEER

Across the board, Amana coolers have the highest SEER ratings. You can compare each model’s efficiency rating by reviewing their rating sheets. Not satisfied? Contact the company and ask for a higher rated model. All Amana models have permanently attached filters and an oil-maintained compressor. Both of these features help extend the life of the unit.

Compressor Options

The first choice is vertical or horizontal. The first models are propellers, which brings the cold air to the top and hot air goes out through the back. These are all vertical models. Horizontal air conditioners have a fan at the top with air filters inside. This air is blown out horizontally and is very cold.

The second option is whether the air conditioner is a ductless air conditioning system or a windowless air conditioner. The difference is that a ductless air conditioner has a small compressor that is used to cool or heat a room without the use of ductwork.

A windowless air conditioner looks like a window unit air conditioner, usually resembling a metal box. You can install a windowless air conditioner by using a window mount or an open window. These windowless systems are commonly used in apartments because it is convenient to install and easy to take out windows with a windowless unit.

The last option is portable or non-portable air conditioning units. A portable air conditioner is a split system that usually used for cooling a bedroom or patio. It uses an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit to cool a limited area. These are available with no measuring tape because it is designed to cool one room and require special work in order to have in install in a bigger room.

Single Stage Compressors

Amana 90% Single Stage Air Conditioner CFPA08RB8K6 – The CFPA08RB8K6 is a top Energy Star rated product, so there is no surprise that the unit is efficient. With the 8,000 BTU energy rating you should get a comfortable cooling power level for a smaller room. This means it is a perfect product for a bedroom without a dedicated air conditioner or for a smaller living room.

2002 Model – If you are looking into getting a used model or a model that is over 10 years old, then this option is a great possibility. The 90% Energy Star rating makes it even better. This means the unit is both efficient and affordable, what more could you ask for!

If you do have more than one room you are trying to cool and are looking to install a system out of the box, the CFPA08RB8K6 will be a good fit for you.

It should be noted that this unit does not have a remote control, so just keep that in mind before you can make a purchase.

The CFPA08RB8K6 also comes with an Amanatrol technology that is responsible to making it an energy efficient product. You will also have a 2400 BTU cooling capacity.

Variable Speed/Two Stage Compressors

The Amana APC092EES has a two stage AC compressor. Air conditioners use compressors and condenser coils to cool and dehumidify the interior of a room. The compressors are driven by an electric motor. A compressor may be single-stage, two-stage, or variable-speed.

Single-stage compressors are used in portable air conditioners. Two stage and variable-speed compressors are used in high-end central air conditioners.

A single-stage compressor has to be off and cannot be used until it is up to operating temperature. A two stage compressor, on the other hand does not have this limitation. In some applications this could be helpful, but it is not the usual solution. In the condenser coil the two stage compressor operates at two speeds, the first is called High-Stage and the second is called Low-Stage.

The purpose of the first stage, high-stage is to quickly bring the temperature in the condenser coil down to a temperature that the second stage, low-stage, can effectively function at. The diagram below shows the difference between a single-stage and a two stage system.

Condenser Fan Options

Amana products are known for their positive reviews, especially with their air conditioning units. There are quite a few things that set Amana air conditioners apart from their competition. Probably the biggest difference is that Amana makes it easy to find the right air conditioner for your size room with their R-22 and R-410A models. They also have state of the art features, such as being able to shut the unit off with your smartphone, two-way communication letting you know when specific functions are running, an auto restart function, and a nice energy saver mode. But beyond those features, people keep buying Amana air conditioners because they save money.

Amana air conditioners have an air purifier built in. This feature can be turned on or off at your leisure. Some people like having the air purifier on all the time because it makes the air in their home feel cleaner. However, there can be an added cost to this unit, so if it’s not a deal breaker, you might just want to turn the purifier on for a few hours before you need to clean the air and then turn it off once you’re finished.

Heating Options

In addition to the central heating, the Kenmore vs. Amana split systems employ three different ways of heating the air in the home. Below you will find a list of these options as well as a short description of each. You may find that just one of these options is right for you, or you may want to install them all! Letžs find out which one may work the best for you.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating uses the heat from the home½s warm air ducts to warm up a room. The ducts are then installed through the room’s floor. This way, furnaces are more energy-efficient because they don’t have to work as hard to heat up a room. This is practical in rooms where you spend the majority of your time, such as your kitchen and living room.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a specialised heating and cooling system which takes heat from one place and transfers it to another (like the air from outdoors to inside a house in winter). Think of heat pumps like a glove that you can either put on or take off. You can switch it on or off depending on how cold or hot outside is. They are very efficient because they work all year long, no matter the temperature outside.

Noise Levels

To get a decent idea of the noise level of the Amana air conditioners, we compared their sound levels directly to that of two other air conditioners from different manufacturers. We made sure that the fans were set on high, with the same thermostat and temperature set points. During our tests, we placed an iPhone 6 close enough to the units to get a reading of their sound levels, which were approximately 5 inches away from the unit. The noise levels of three air conditioners are given in the following table.

Noise Level of Air Conditioners (in dBs) Brand and Model Noise Level EER (in CFM)

Amana MAC12NH Condenser Air Conditioner 33 40,000.

Carrier CA13NH Air Conditioner 34 40,000.

Friedrich Air Conditioner WE12A330 34 40,000.

As you can tell from looking at the table, for the given size of the central air conditioner, all three models had approximately the same EER. However, it may come as a surprise to you that the Amana air conditioners were the loudest of the bunch.

Warranty & Why It Is Important

With Amana, the 10-year limited warranty and the limited parts warranty for the first five years are both very solid, making this a product that you can purchase knowing it can hold up for a long time. While there may be air conditioners that cost less, the addition of the warranty is what really sets this brand apart from the rest…and makes it the brand that many homeowners are choosing.

When you purchase a product with a warranty, you feel better about the purchase with the knowledge that if your product breaks, dies, or fails for any other reason, you can return it or get it repaired at little or no cost to you. The worry is that if your air conditioner does break, you will be taking on the cost of repairing the unit or replacing completely if the warranty has run out. That is why warranties are so important with any product, and this is especially true with electronic items.

Warranties may not be for everyone, and you may be able to find a similar product that is less expensive without a warranty. However, most consumers are used to having warranties when spending their hard-earned money on a product, and having that knowledge makes the purchase less stressful. That is why many consumers put so much value on warranties.

Tax Breaks Explained

One of the most important things when switching to solar because of the tax breaks available. In this post we’ll cover the basics of what tax breaks are and how the tax breaks work in living in a home that is powered completely by solar.

Tax benefits are one of the most important reasons why homeowners should install solar, although the financial benefits are also significant. The average net economic benefits of going solar include a reduction of approximately 50% in the monthly power bill. Federal government provides both a tax credit (we explain tax breaks in this post) and a tax deduction that both help you save money for your solar installation.

Comparing With Other AC Brands

If you are a fan of Korean electronics, searching for an air conditioner with an inverter compressor that will work for a small-sized room may not be as easy as you think. Since you are reading this review, we probably can figure that you have heard of Samsung air conditioners. In this article, we will compare the Amana air conditioners with the Samsung ones and tell why you should choose one of them.

However, we can only start comparing once we have the basic information of the products we are going to compare. So, here we go.

I. Samsung 1.5 Ton Inverter R410A AC

By buying this air conditioner, you are entitled to a 5-year warranty. It is ideal for small rooms. It has refrigerant, oil, and filter replacement indicators. This product is ETL listed and is a perfect solution to your cooling needs because it has a cooling capacity of 2,200 Btu/hr. This air conditioner has a 4-way auto swing.

II. Amana 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC R410A

By purchasing this window air conditioner, you get a 1-year warranty. It is made in USA. It has 3 operation modes to suit your customization needs. It has a 24-hour on timer. It has 3-way cooling and a cooling capacity of 2,200 Btu/hr. It is ETL listed.

Pros & Cons of Amana AC Units

Amana air conditioners have been providing consumers with safe and reliable air conditioners and heating products for years. But do you really need to be adding an Amana air conditioner to your home? Find out below in our review of Amana air conditioner models.


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Amana is the world’s largest manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. They supply home and commercial buyers with innovative designs that are guaranteed to save their customers energy costs and money. Amana products are ideal for virtually all climates and provide years of reliable use. When looking at their range of air conditioning units you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

They offer a range of models, such as wall mounted, ducted evaporative split systems, ducted reverse cycle and ducted non-split air conditioning units in both split and monoblock options. When you look at the specifications they provide each unit with, you will notice that each model is designed to meet or exceed American Energy Efficiency Ratings.

In addition the company provides search facilities, to help you calculate your energy usage and thereby your financial savings. Simply select your state or territory then enter your locality. The site provides you with an accurate calculator with which to compare the costs of your individual system against all others on the market. This not only includes their own products but other brands as well.

The product specifications on their website provide information on features and benefits, including features such as 20+ years of worry free operation; 3 year warranty and a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee; reversible, rotating compressor; lifetime bearing rotors and 48 month parts guarantee.